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In an era where technological advancements are driving innovation to every sector, and powering major economic and scientific breakthroughs, high performance computing (HPC) is crucial to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. 


Customers are increasingly demanding a new compute experience with HPC solutions to digitally transform the way their businesses operate and compete. These types of solutions together with a seamless compute experience leveraging optimized IT infrastructures, management software, and services can significantly increase productivity and accelerate time-to-insight.


  • Deep learning to enhance pattern recognition and AI capabilities

  • High-performance analysis of rising machine, human, and business data volumes

  • Modeling and simulation technologies for science, research, and business

  • Data management tools to leverage unstructured data and improve backup/recovery efforts

each of these areas in order to achieve optimal performance, enable more informed, data-driven decision-making, and facilitate business growth. Our goal is to simplify and expand HPC and AI usage with comprehensive solutions. Our target customers include both government, academia, and research organizations as well as commercial industries such as financial services, life sciences, energy, and manufacturing. Our solutions include purpose-built systems, software, and services that deliver extreme performance and scale with a secure, agile, and flexible customer experience. These innovations will not only transform the way businesses execute data-heavy workloads, but they also promise to simplify IT deployment and monitoring, safeguard sensitive business data, and empower the next generation of compute with superior performance, efficiency, and scale.